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Digital Marketing Training Institute Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Training Institute Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Training Institute Gurgaon

Website Design & Development Process

● The first stage deals with the research process to discover the objective of website design and development. The most important aspect is to get clear understanding of website future, its target audience and the message that is to be conveyed through this.

● Based on the data and information, gathered in stage one, the sitemap is created. Sitemap is the complete navigational structure of the website.It describes the relationship between different pages of website. It also checks the usability and functionality of the website.

● Based on the information gathered on first stage, the visuals like image, video, animation and layout is created. The theme is decided based on the target audience and purpose of the website.At this stage the website is sent for approval, and if required, changes are made.

● Content drives engagement and is most important factor from SEO point of view. So after the layout and visuals are being worked upon, content creation and curation is done. It also includes creation of catchy headlines, writing new content and editing the existing content.

● When the layout, design, visuals and content is ready, the coding starts. Usually Home page is created first and than all sub pages are added in the website hierarchy.

● In this step, the testing is started. Each link is checked to see if there is any broken link. All the forms are tested. The website is reviewed from user’s point of view and the beta version is released.

● It is the final stage. When everything is tested, it’s time to launch the website. The website is released.

* We provide two rounds of free revisions at each stage before that stage is finalized. In each round, the client can ask for any number of changes.

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