Frequently Asked Questions

A digital marketing agency provides services that help you establish a strong presence online, run online marketing campaigns, understand your audience’s behaviour and interact with customers with digital and social media platforms.The services may also include analysis of the website, user reports and plethora of data on consumer trends, preferences, and behaviour.

In this era, avoiding digital marketing can be futile for the business. Every sector is observing a shift to digital trends and it’s about time the businesses adhere to the industry standards. Digital marketing can give organisations the edge over competitors while being upto date.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process that affects the visibility and ranking on your website on a search engine without paid promotions on such search engine. SEO can be done for text search, image search, location search etc.

Yes, you can opt for a free trial.

After understanding your business thoroughly, we will deploy plans and strategies that may include social media marketing or video production or SEO services, depending on your business.

We at Scorich believe, Videos are the future, we help businesses engage customers with attractive and delighting videos to build brand recognition and drive traffic to websites.

We cater to all sectors of businesses including healthcare, retail, finance, professional services etc. We analyse each and every business in depth and present our offering accordingly.

After the commencement of services, we will share reports periodically (depending on the service package chosen) with you to track the progress and development . Our goal is to grow as you grow.

There are a number of ways to check that, which includes analytical tools like Google Analytics, website traffic data, social media expansion (increase in followers, likes or clicks).

We can be the outsourced marketing department you always wanted. We will provide you support and research on the marketing front.